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Here and There

Margie Britz

Date: 30 September - 21 October 2017

Walkabout: Saturday 7 October at 11am

Recent paintings: rooted here, made there, back here

Margie Britz grew up on a farm in the Free State and went to school in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. She studied at the Rhodes Art School and later taught there for several years before moving to the UK. Her current work, while rooted in the South African landscape, is inspired by the glacial geology that formed the North Norfolk coast where she now lives.

These paintings are part of her ongoing Moraine Series. A moraine is a glacially formed accumulation of unconsolidated glacial debris (soil and rock).

Some of the paintings are made either entirely or in greater part with found earth pigment like mud, chalk, clay and sand, and all of them are made by pouring solutions of paint and / or pigment onto an arrangement on the canvas of stones and pebbles picked up from local beaches. Britz then works with the referential marks that remain and the metaphors that might emerges, at times manipulating the process but mainly letting the organic marks lead the way. The rhythms and patterns that occur as a result of the pouring process have everything to do with the nature of fluidity, as the liquid paint makes its way over, under and around the arranged stones.

Her work attempts to reconcile opposites and explores the way in which each extreme contains its opposite: above and below, the micro and the macro, the local and the universal, complexity and simplicity, abstraction and figuration, here and there...

Her current work is an attempt to synthesize the two very different landscapes that have so profoundly influenced her: the semi desert of the Great Karoo and the North Norfolk coastline.

Through imitating the geological processes that generated a local landscape and in using actual elements of the landscape to that end, Britz is not only exploring the elemental nature of a particular geography, and attempting to integrate with it, but in the process she also vitally makes manifest the origin and stuff of all landscape and of all of life and matter on this planet: cells, molecules, diatoms, eggs, seeds, flowers, corpuscles, platelets, dust, earth, rain, magma, deserts, oceans, stars.

The exhibition will include a collaborative installation with Cape Town artist Nicolaas Maritz, made with materials gathered from the landscape.

This exhibition has been made possible by an Artists International Development Fund Grant, jointly funded by Arts Council England and the British Council, and its aim is to assist artists living in Britain develop connections in other countries.

There will be an artist's walkabout on Sat 7th October at 11am.

Margie Britz has recently had two solo shows in the UK: I am Here, in Salthouse Church, Norfolk, in 2016 and Dust to Dust, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, earlier this year.

She has played a vital role in extending exhibiting opportunities for contemporary artists in Norfolk, recognising the potential of certain churches for exhibitions. She was instrumental in establishing the magnificent light and airy Salthouse Church in Norfolk as an esteemed venue for contemporary art and she curated its exhibition programme for many years.

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Petrichor, acrylic on canvas, 122x 122 cm 2017
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Pomegranate 1, acrylic on canvas, 122 x 122cm, 2017
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Milky Way, acrylic on canvas,183x 183 cm, 2015
Posted: 2017/09/30 (08:55:51 AM)


 "To see the world in a grain of sand … and feel one's inner space steadily expand. Magical work to be quietly contemplated …"
Merle Colborne Posted: 2017/09/29 10:55:49 AM

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