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Nature and Nurture

Local Ikebana and Bonsai clubs will display flower arrangements and miniature trees at UCT Irma Stern Museum from 1st to 4th July.

Morning walkabouts at 11am. Tea and coffee available.

Ikebana demonstration at 11am on Sat 4 July.


Means living flowers and is the Japanese term for flower arranging. It had its origin in Buddhism via China and Korea. In India flowers were strewn on the altar or placed in vessels as offerings.

It brought about, through the centuries, a refined art which was originally practised by priests and noblemen and in later centuries by Japanese in all walks of life. It became less formalised over more centuries and is today practised by enthusiastic volunteers of many different nationalities. Many different schools of ikebana operate in Japan and throughout the world.

Some of the Ikebana schools stress classis styles, others focus on creative, contemporary forms and some blend the two, each school different, yet each openly sharing its aspirations, styles, philosophy, history and techniques.

The varying forms of ikebana share certain common features regardless of the period or the school. Any plant material – branches, leaves, grasses, moss and fruit as well as flowers – may be used. Dried leaves, seed pods and buds are valued as highly as flowers in full bloom. In ikebana asymmetrical form and the use of “empty” space are essential features of the composition.

To create beautiful ikebana the selection of different kinds of plant material demands an experienced eye and considerable technical skill in order to create a kind of beauty that cannot be found in nature. This can be achieved through study and is an on going process..

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Olive tree, artist Thys Klem and photo Hennie Nel
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Juniper, artist Thys Klem and photo Hennie Nel
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Ikebana Ikenobo Style issuike
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Ikebana Ohara bunjin arrangement
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Ikebana Sogetsu Style Contemporary
Posted: 2015/06/04 (10:43:39 AM)


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