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Francois Roux retrospective

From 28 February until 30 March

Curated by Michael Chandler

Theunis Roux to give walkabout of exhibition on Sat 9 March at 11am

Born in 1927 in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Francois Roux showed natural artistic talent from an early age. After studying at the Royal Academy of Art in London in the late 1940s Roux returned to Zimbabwe to nurse his ailing parents. 1967 he moved to Cape Town where he lived until his death in 2013. Perhaps a result of growing up on a farm, Roux loved the outdoors and dedicated his life to painting the mountains, rocks, sand dunes and trees. His distinct abstraction of subject matter, use of bright, jewel-like colour and the love of natural subjects would be the qualities that Roux would pursue, explore and interrogate for the duration of his life and career. He never wavered from this artistic vision; he chose to hone what he believed in, rather than to keep up with international art trends. This is made apparent in this large exhibition of work where you can see the same artistic exploration and curiosity in the brush strokes of a boyhood self-portrait, as you can in his colossal landscapes, as you can in his final painting of a wild, turbulent sea.

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Steps to Olive Grove
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The Queen`s Block House
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Tree Stumps, Rondebosch Common
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Portrait of a Young Man
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Still Life, Shells II


Posted: 2019/02/21 (09:14:12 AM)


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