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The Artist


Irma Stern published two journals of her travels ....

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"... brought in straight from the sea, huge skites, small vivid blue fish with yellow strips, silvery kinds, red roman, enormous lobster as made of turquoise matrix, phantastic huge turtles-all come out of the tropical sea ... A pale yellow grapefruit called ballunga intrigued me. When I opened it the flesh was a lovely pink embedded in a heavy woollen white. The most imposing was the size of pineapples. They weigh up to twenty pounds each and are dark mauve with green patches."

"I am on the road to the interior of the Belgian Congo. The Congo has always been for me the symbol of Africa, the very heart of Africa. The sound "Congo" makes my blood dance, with the thrill of exotic excitement; it sounds to me like distant native drums and a heavy tropical river flowing, its water gurgling in mystic depths."

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