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Past Exhibitions

A Splendid Summer Send Off; 40 years and more than 40 artists
Steve and Julie, acrylic on canvas 2018 Gillian Solomon MA
Invitation Katherine Glenday exhibition
Conversations with Irma
Invitation Seeds of Change: 1976 Michaelis Reunion Exhibition
Tipping Point
Penny Mobsby exhibition
Invitation Nicolaas Maritz exhibition
Kathryn Gordon Bernstein photography exhibition
Tessa Frootko Gordon photography exhibition
Invitation Francois Roux retrospective
Irma & Louis on Silk
Autumn Kametvlei Celebrating the life and works of Alice Goldin (1922-2016)
Louise Kaye Artist’s Textiles
David Lurie
Jacqueline Griffin Jones, Detritus, 100x120cm, oil on canvas Jacqueline Griffin-Jones and Louise Almon
Andries Gouws
Wild Harvest: nectar, berries, capsules and seeds
A selection of works on paper by Irma Stern
Josef Lange-Grumfeld and Theo Ntuntwana Josef Lange-Grumfeld / Theo Ntuntwana exhibition
Memories of Kolkota Pamela Silver exhibition
J.M. Coetzee: Photographs from Boyhood
A night at the prom The Journey as Destination by Simon Jones
Petrichor, acrylic on canvas, 122x 122 cm 2017 Here and There
From Hatch
An Ikebana flower exhibition
Blue Being, 2016 Sortilegium
... the sea was terrifying ... terrifying and blue - more blue than it should be A Day at Sea
Wild Flowers and Pollinators
View the invitation Scarab exhibition
Danny Shorkend exhibition
Reading figure, pen and ink on Fabriano, 2016 Stanley Hermans exhibition
View the invitation Keiskamma Art Project
Sorrel Hofmann, Untitled, monotype on arches, 50 x 65cm Sorrel Hofmann exhibition
Invitation Mikhail Petrakov exhibition
The Spirit of Stern
Children`s Games (sketch) I, oil on paper, 24 x 15 cm, 2016 Josie Grindrod exhibition
Jill Trappler, `Eclipse`, Series: `Weaving and Unwoven`, 2015/2016, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 240 cm Jill Trappler exhibition
Celebrating Spring Botanical Art Exhibition 'Flora Old and New'
Invitation Sewing Paradise: a Sisterhood through Suzani
Into the Forest 2014. Oil on canvas, 125 X 150 cm Lindsay Page exhibition
Nú Barreto, `Optimismo Duvidoso`, 2016, mixed media on canvas, 130cm x 130cm Rites of Passage: Between Light and Shadow
The bundle, oil on canvas, 35.5 x 45.7 cm, 2003 Wilna van der Walt exhibition
We used to live in District Six Tyrone Appollis exhibition
Tessa Frootko Gordon exhibition
Table Mountain from the Boat Deck, Pretoria Castle (undated 1971/72) oil on canvas 75 x 101 cm Alice Elahi - Cape landscape artist returns to her roots
Sbonelo Tau Luthuli Ceramics by Sbonelo Tau Luthuli
Portrait 100
A City Refracted
The Thinking Eye
Hours of the Day
Austrian Ambassador, (composer) Hans Huyssen, Linde Waber (artist) and Christopher Peter at exhibition on Saturday 7 February Linde Waber
The Stern Exchange
John Kramer
4 Women, 4 Journeys in Clay
Michael Cope
Alice Goldin
Moving paint

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