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Conversations with Irma

From 31 August - 14 September 2019


  • Cathy Abraham
  • Nicola Bailey
  • Mary Anne Botha
  • Christina Bryer
  • Gwen van Embden
  • Katherine Glenday
  • Anne Graaff
  • Tessa Graaff
  • Josie Grinrod
  • Lorienne Lotz
  • Tracy Megan
  • Taryn Millar
  • Cheryl Rumbak
  • Lyn Smuts


In this group exhibition the participating artists have found thoughtful and playful ways of interacting with the house and the collection in the museum and the life of the artist, Irma Stern. They managed to shift the gaze and create new and interesting connections, enabling fresh and surprising views of Irma, the artist, as well as of the hallowed institution of the Irma Stern Museum. The viewer will hopefully by turns be engaged, moved and enlightened.

The contribution of each participating artist is unique and arises from personal studio and artistic practice. The catalogue, giving space to the voice of each artist, outlines their varied approaches and concerns.

Then, in addition, the artists have together created a group piece, the Portion on a Plate dinner service, so named because each plate replicates a portion of an Irma Stern painting, while also referring to food. In deference to Irma each participating artist has painted one plate. We anticipate auctioning the table setting as a single artwork after a celebration feast served off the plates at the museum. The plates were created in the spirit of Irma who allowed art to spill over into life, energetically painting on walls, doors, and cupboards around her home.

Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky are very much in the foreground as the raison d’être for the group exhibition. Twelve years ago they invited us to be part of a group of South African artists who would meet for an annual art residency on the farm Goedgedacht near Malmesbury. The workshops, under their skilful and informed guidance, have been life-changing, as well as art-changing.

It remains for the group to thank curator Christopher Peter and the Irma Stern Museum for taking us on with our free-spirited approach. We incorporate deliberate provocation, art-historical engagement, sensibility, imagination and edgy wit.

Walkabout with the Christopher Peter, Director of the Irma Stern Museum on Wednesday 11 September at 11am.

Walkabout with the artists on Saturday 14 September at 11am - cost: R20.

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Posted: 2019/08/27 (08:07:17 AM)

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