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Katherine Glenday exhibition


From 21 September to 05 October 2019

An exhibition of ceramics and painting

Preview Friday 20 September 2019

Opening 11am Saturday 21 September 2019
Address by Virginia MacKenny

In her latest exhibition, opening at the Irma Stern Museum this month, artist Katherine Glenday adds paintings to her offering, alongside the porcelain vessels she is renowned for.

In this body of work Glenday looks at ways of being present. Her subject matter consists of simple things such as soap, elastic bands, stones, confectionary balls, paper, clay and magnets. Her porcelain works include a 6 meter installation of ceramic vessels and stones previously exhibited in China in 2017.

“All things are part of a whole which cannot be fully understood or perceived by the human eye, nor by the analytical mind nor via any single discipline, system of belief, nor any single vector of research.

My focus is on the beautiful, pondering our place in the realm of things - those we are accustomed to seeing as inanimate, and the forces of nature which govern our lives.

There is no discrete observation, we are / I am entangled.”

Click to enlarge image
Porcelain forms, 2019, varying sizes between 210mm and 260 mm high
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Every Day the Mind, 2019, Oi on balsa in perspex frame, 1m x 1 m x 2.5 cm
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Posted: 2019/09/15 (10:32:45 AM)

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